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typical uni. students

doiwl 29 January 2007 11:56 pm

Dear Students,
STAD had received a few complaints from the local residents of Bukit Beruang area regarding MMU students who stay at the housing areas around Bukit Beruang especially Taman Kerjasama. In general, they were very angry, frustrated and dissappointed over the unbecoming and irresponsible behaviours of MMU students (local and international) staying in those areas towards their neighbourhood. Some of the complaints are summarised below:
1. Some of the students love to play computer games after 12 am right up to 4 to 5 am. They put on the volume so high along with shouts and laughter to the extent that it disturbs the neighbours especially those with small kids who need to go to school the next day. 
2. Many international students love to talk, laugh and put on their tv and radio so loud, disrespecting the other local residents.
3. The students do not care about the environment by throwing rubbish around.
Therefore, for those students who stay at these housing areas, please SERIOUSLY take these complaints into consideration. Please show your respect and consideration to the other local residents of your respective housing area. If you need to play games, radio, tv or even to talk and laugh, please keep it at a reasonable volume that it will not disturb the others. Once the local residents made a report to the higher authority, you might find yourselves caught in a difficult situation.
STAD and Security Department will also make a frequent visit to these areas to monitor the situation.
Thank you.
STAD Melaka

eghem eghem…第一项形容……似曾相似。

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