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Webhosting & Domain name on sale!

doiwl April 22nd, 2007

Webhosting service on sale!

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Big mistake i’ve made

doiwl April 16th, 2007

OK, this for sure is quite malu… =.=|||

Motor Lost

14-04-2007 5.24AM

today such an unlucky day for a doi. he lost his only transpot in melaka – motor.

at 3.30pm, all of his housemates were out for their class. then, a doi skipped the class and sleeped. then at 6.30pm, they finished class and returned to home. they did ask a doi about his motor because they noticed that the motor was missing. at the same moment, a doi though that they were saying the lie to him. then, he continued for his dream.

around 7pm something, a doi was about to go for his crosstalk performance. haha at that time, a doi only realised that his motor was missing.

in the midnight, a doi, kokwu, tingyi and i went to report the case to the polics station. at the ayer keroh police station, the person in charge there asked us to go to bukit baru police station in order to get the record statement. then, we go to the bukit baru, then the person there asked us to go malim jaya police station to let the police take down the words. haha therefore, in conclusion, we used 2 hours to do a simple reporting in 3 police stations

what the hell of the POLICEMEN in Malaysia? haha



16-04-2007 4.00AM

i did mention about the adoi’s motor. it had beed reported to the policemen.

finally the motor was back today to its owner. this is not because of the efficieny of the policemen here. haha

on last thursday (12.4.2007), adoi drived his motor to yonglerk’s birthday party. at the end of the party, he back to his home by car.  then, he already forgot that he put his ‘lovely’ and ‘only’ motor at their house. boonping called adoi today when he saw the forward message from adoi about the missing of the motor. haha then he only realised the motor in front of their house was adoi’s belonging.

never expected that adoi could be such a blur king. haha damn funny when i knew about this matter. i still wondered how adoi found back his motor when i woke up in the morning. haha

to adoi:
how are u going to compensate our time as we accompany you to the police station? kokwu, tingyi and i accompanied you for 2 hours each. so you owe us a treat oh, ok? haha

I didn’t want it to happen also… :/

Advertlets – Advertising program for bloggers

doiwl April 8th, 2007


点击进去一看,原来是一家由马来西亚人设立的网络广告公司。嗯,不错的点子!以前放Google adsense的广告很多时候都和马来西亚没有关系的,放了等于没用。

看到右边的poll吗?我想Advertlets的不一样之处就在此吧。它有一个投票的系统,收集了足够的资料之后才根据分析结果把合适的广告放出来。所以请帮个忙填一填资料咯!要不然我想旁边是永远不会显示广告了。 :)



  • 吸引到多多大马公司来打广告啦。
  • 广告的loading一定要够快……
  • 妥善保护和处理会员资料

所以,如果你有自己的博客,然后又有更改coding的权限的话 (live spaces就不行),今天就加入,试一试吧!


有趣且独特的方程式:Advertlets Equation : Advertisers + Bloggers = Money + Happy


doiwl April 8th, 2007


谢谢你们在楼上叫嚷着“打DotA”,听着”double kill”, “owning” 使得楼下的我不得已只好读书再钻进被窝睡觉。那两个小时里,心底确实有些失落啦。(你们达到目的了)