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RM100 MMU library fee issue

doiwl 5 July 2007 3:51 am

Fees Used to Cover Services and Cyberjaya Library, by Yiow Tze Liz.

From the article, the director of library, Pn Aminah claimed that “the original plan of library was to impose RM150 library fee per trimester, and yet the Top Management only approved RM100 per year.” :O

She also says that:

This is not to gain profit, and none of this money enters my pocket, the money is for the development of the library, it is for the students.

Certainly, I believe that none of this money will enter your pocket. No employees dare to do so unless he/she wants to be sacked.

  1. The problem is how the money will be used? How do you calculate and come out with a RM 8,316,000 library development proposal initially? OMG, everyone must learn economy and don’t waste money.
    (RM150 * 3 trimesters * 18480 mmu-ians = RM8.3 million)
  2. What are the better services in future? More study space? new collections? new database subscriptions? new books? new computers? Care to explain?
  3. I wonder how MMU library survived all these years without this extra millions? 
  4. How come the MMU ebrary ‘dilenyapkan’ few months ago without any announcements? (see, library managed to cut their cost secretly.)
  5. MMU Melaka students are paying to cover the cost of Cyberjaya libary!!

MMU librarians are friendly and very helpful from my past experience, but that will not exempt the management of library from being questioned by students! You really owe MMUians further explanation before asking money from students. In the mean time, let’s pray & hope for the good news from SRC when Prof. Ghauth returns.

3 Responses to “RM100 MMU library fee issue”

  1. iamaaronon 05 Jul 2007 at 4:30 am

    yes, i missed the ebrary…i want ebooks T.T suddenly lenyap edy, 8 million shud be more than enough to restore ebrary subscription hor…

  2. 古越遺民on 11 Jul 2007 at 9:53 pm

    YES! ebrary is gone secretly in early April. I wish you all can make grouses over this issue.

    ebrary is a very good online library. i made most of my extra-curricular readings there and disappeared just like that.

  3. a for appleon 08 Aug 2007 at 4:44 am

    check this out lol
    so long no update blog? update la hehe:P

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