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docx? xlsx? pptx? mdbx? Open Office 2007 file in older Microsoft Office

doiwl November 30th, 2007

Just another public service posting by…hehe 

.docx? .xlsx? .pptx? Why is there a “x” there and how to open it? If you are asking this question, I guess you are using Microsoft Office 2003 or lower.

The docx, xlsx, mdbx, pptx, those with Xs are default file format of Office 2007. How to open those files?

  • Upgrade to Office 2007 lah!
    Office 2007 is cool, it totally revamped the User Interface so that some of the functions which is too hidden can now be easily accessed. (Anyway after upgrading to 2007 you will need some time to familiarize with it.)
  • If I don’t want to upgrade, what to do?
    Go here download the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 File Formats and no more troubles!

If this information is useful to you, post some comment la… haha!

Introducing Google Analytics!

doiwl November 27th, 2007

Nowadays, a lot of people have their own blog. Especially when starting up a blog is much easier compared to setting up a personal website last time, where the writer need to have some basic knowledge on HTML.

So dear bloggers / webmasters, do you want an easy way to track the traffic to your blog?

Introducing Google Analytics!

What can you do with Google Analytics? Use it if you want to know

  • What is your daily visits, pageview, page/visit, visitor average time staring on your site, percentage of new visits?
  • Where your visitor comes from (geographically)?
  • How do they reach your site? By searching (then what did they search)? By referrals link (then originated from which site)?
  • Their browser, connection speed, how often they visit back to your site?
  • What is the best content of your site? What is the keyword to your site?

In conclusion, Google Analytics is a powerful tools suitable for all bloggers and webmasters. On Nov 19, I noticed a great spike on my daily visits, after that only I realized that that was because I was citing Malaysiakini on my blog. A single “Malaysiakini” brought in more than 40 visitors in a day, that’s something that I am quite surprised.

(Btw, you can only use Google Analytics if you are allowed to change the coding itself eg blogspot, wordpress. Windows Live Spaces, multiply cannot use this…)


doiwl November 23rd, 2007





一张surat arahan附加威胁,实在专制!Marketing有这么多手法,它偏偏用低层次的手段,好一个不得人心的品牌!


惹人反感罢了。我花个RM10就放着不用,反正10块钱grace period可以耐上100-130天,你奈我何?



安装Windows Vista整整一年后

doiwl November 21st, 2007

21/11/2007 2.58PM 

此时此刻是我安装了Windows Vista Ultimate一年整。我这么无聊去记日期?其实只要在Command Prompt里面打systeminfo 就找得到了。



Beta Tester

一切就从两三年前说起!想当年我浏览到一个征求XP SP2 beta tester的网站,注册后就开始帮忙测试啦,偶尔也会收到从Redmond寄来的包裹。后来有新的产品有幸继续被邀请,像Longhorn (now Vista), Longhorn Server (now Windows Server 2008 beta), Windows Home Server 等等。重点是不能泄露那些beta build,要遵守NDA,不然会被踢出局的。

虽然是当白老鼠,不过这白老鼠也有甜头的,呵呵!这里就帮这个微软讲点好话啦!微软虽然垄断了市场,但也有慷慨的时候……它送了每位有功劳(至少提出过一个bug)的beta tester一份Windows Vista Ultimate Edition, Retail License。

这是Retail而不是OEM license。OEM和Retail不同是:OEM的操作系统是和电脑硬件“绑死”的。如果哪一天motherboard或者CPU坏了那就可以一起和Windows讲byebye了。至于Retail则不一样,uninstall了以后可以安装在另一台新电脑、新硬件,所以价格还蛮贵的,目前市价是RM1570。

平常我们买到的是OEM,Home Premium不过RM400,Business RM500,Ultimate RM700。若不是因为赠送的版本被规定不能转售,我就可以从OEM和Retail的差价,转卖key就捞个六七百块钱了。


嗯,如果你喜欢抢先试用还在测试改进中的软件、或者想要参与Microsoft产品的开发、想要直接和developer/programmer交流、想更了解OS背后的原理、想影响下一个Windows 7的功能,去看看吧!

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