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doiwl 23 September 2008 2:17 am

Exploring Facebook……

I was reluctant to try out facebook at first, hate to restart all those process again (register, adding, confirm friends, duh…)

But the Maxis advertisement (featuring mobile Facebook), and my senior colleague “persuasion” had changed my mind. Hehe, free time at work mah~

FB surprises me with lots of WOW factors and highly innovative features.

  • Fine grained access control (able to control the access level for each information)
  • Tag other people for every photos, videos, postings
  • Categorizing your friends into separate lists. (Friendster listing of friends is totally a mess.)
  • People you may know…. (How the algorithm works? by using the minimum level of CPU…..)
  • Able to import activity from other sites, and also RSS feeds.
  • News feeds and status updates. Some kind of micro-blogging.
  • Developer (crucial… programmers are improving Facebook free of charge)
  • Advertising (Very advanced advertising mechanism, targeting the ads to the relevant audience by using the profile details!)


  • Rather complicated.
  • Annoying notifications from the application / games. More than 100 application requests pending in my account.
  • Messy wall (profile page), too personalized… More like a game site rather than showing the personal profile.
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2 Responses to “Facebook”

  1. kayaon 25 Sep 2008 at 11:06 pm

    Facebook doesn’t used to be like that. The old FB one year ago was simple without so many random applications, and to be honest I don’t think opening FB to the public was such a good idea. It was quite an exclusive circle available to university students when it started out and it has since started to lose its novelty upon opening up…haiz!

  2. doiwlon 26 Sep 2008 at 12:27 am

    lose novelty but earn lots of money ;)

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