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The Pink Panther

doiwl 2 March 2009 2:59 am

最近迷上了Pink Panther。

一直以来对Pink Panther的印象就是下面这只卡通粉红豹,还有那首听起来鬼头鬼脑的歌。


最近才知道原来Pink Panther最早是用在1963年的一部诙谐侦探喜剧片。

Pink Panther侦探戏剧片竟然也有44年的历史了。
一系列(到最近的The Pink Panther 2)共有11部电影。
故事都是讲述讲话带着浓浓法国口音的警察,Jacques Clouseau怎样每次都误打误撞地成功破案。

下来要介绍的是2006年的The Pink Panther的经典小段。

Introducing Clouseau (clip 1)
Clouseau: Officer Jacques Clouseau, from Gendarme, third class.
Dreyfus: Derrr…. Argh….
(Pluck it off…)
Clouseau: That had to hurt.
Dreyfus: No. No, not at all. No.


It is lovely weather we are having (clip 2)
It is lovely weather we are having.
I hope the weather…
…stays this mild.
If the weather continues…
…we are in for a lovely summer.
The area is secure.

- Are you all right?
- Well, of course I’m all right.

And what is that?

- What?
- Nothing.

You should probably start
by looking at these files. You have to…

(Spinning the globe until it is dislocated)
My leg, it crushed my leg!


Attack without warning (clip 3)
I am going to be frank.
Since you are only a detective, second class, your senses may not be as sharp as my own.
And as I do not want a partner who makes me duller,
I have come up with a plan to keep you as sharp as possible.

And what is that?

Intermittently, and without warning, I will attack you
whenever and wherever it is least expected.
In this way, I will keep you vigilant and alert. Agreed?


(Attack always failed)
- Good one.
- Thank you.


Investigating The Death of Bizu (clip 4)
Please, tell me what you saw.

Well, I didn’t see anything.
I was passing by the locker room.
It was late, past time anyone should be there.
I heard movement on the other side of the locker-room door.
I heard Bizu say: “Oh, it’s you.”
And then there was gunfire.

Ponton, go to your databases.
I want to interrogate every person in Paris with the name “You.”

And, Ponton…don’t you find it a bit of a coincidence…
…that the body fell perfectly within the chalk outline on the floor?

I think they drew the chalk outline later.

Ahh! We are dealing with some kind of mastermind.


Getting into the mood of love
No! No, no! No, no! My miracle pill for the middle-aged man.
(V pill shown)
Give it back.

Inspector? Are you all right in there?
I hope you’re getting yourself ready.

Inspector? Are you sure you’re okay in there?
Yes, I am. I’m fine. I’m just getting in the mood for love.

We need fresh towels in 204.


“I would like to buy a hamburger”

would –> good… weird….
to –> toe… tour
buy–> bee … bye…
hamburger –> amnbuger, hamburter, damburger

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