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Shocking statement from SRC MMU Melaka

doiwl January 6th, 2008

What a shocking statement from SRC.
By bulletin on Sun, 6th January 2008

Expired date : 10-Jan-2008
For MMU campus: Melaka ~ Department: SRC
Category : Announcement/Memo/Circular


SRC :> Clarification Over The Hindraf Issue
Dear all,In relevance to the warning and advice that has been issued out recently by the Ministry of Higher Education on the involvement of the students in the Hindu Rights Action Force (HINDRAF) movement or issues, we from the SRC would like to issue a statement prohibiting students from being involved in this matter at all cost. Please bear in mind that any act of upholding the HINDRAF name in any manner(e.g attending illegal gathering,circulating anti-goverment text messages or email’s and etc.) is considered a serious offence and if found guilty by the university, the student shall face a heavy penalty. Therefore let us put aside any differences of perspective that we may have and strive towards the only goal of us being in this university which is to excel in terms of education and curricular activites. Education excellence shall always be the prime objective of an undergraduate as this will determine you fate in future. Thanking you in advance for your cooperation. Have a nice day. God bless.

“Actuality in Action, Integrity in Principle”
Secretarial Department,
Students’ Representative Council (SRC) 2007/08,
Multimedia University,
Melaka Campus.

I am definitely not in favour of HINDRAF, what is being pursue by hindraf hardly relates to me as well. BUT, the way SRC convey this message is definitely out of context!

It’s much better to have the management (e.g. one of its department – STAD) or others to release such statement rather than SRC doing it.

SRC can remind, can tegur, create awareness, or any other approaches stating on the consequences but definitely not by prohibiting (bolded above).

Self prohibition? how ironic… I can’t believe my eyes.

Students’ Representative Council or in Bahasa Malaysia, MPP = Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar…. definitely not MP Pentadbiran, not MP Kementerian and not MP Kerajaan. Can’t imagine if the senate or MMU top management came out with new policies which is against students’ welfare, how will SRC react?

Fight for it for the sake of all students?
Or just a clarification for MMU, with addition ”we’ve tried very best, the case had been closed and no one shall talk anymore but to accept the fact. If any student comment anymore on this, it will be against the MMU Regulations and serious penalty will befall on you”?

Hope that SRC secretarial department will understand the role of SRC and the use of appropriate tone in next statement.


On a side note, has prohibition become the Malaysian culture?