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This is terrible… Reply from MMU Melaka SRC President Mr Hafiz

doiwl September 12th, 2008

Original: Red. Amended: Blue.

Relply (REPLY) Comments

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone, my apology (I would like to apologize?) coz I just know all of these comments since my new house currently don’t have internet connection yet.However,i will answer all the misunderstanding and fuss here.
Firstly about the “annons” statement…Hemm, what we have here? An English teacher or maybe can call him walking dictionary. My fellow friend, I don’t know your judgment based on what but I don’t think my English is very weak. I have a certain standard of English even though not as “great” as you. I just want to advise you that plz don’t cross the border…my patience have the limit. About the petition to condemn me and want to see En. Zam regarding that matter… just give it a try bro. I’m looking forward too.

However, I open to my friend here to come see me personally this Monday, 8th Sept 2008…10pm till 12pm at the SRC room. I don’t think you only know to talk craps here but don’t dare to face me. I will welcome you then. Maybe we can settle our disputes there.

About the SRC blog…I can’t see the relationship between creating new blog with showing our power. Where are the connections???But I just want to make some correction here…We can’t log previous SRC’s blog coz of previous SRC, Nicholas to be precise is using his own personal email and password.However to encounter (encounter = facing, tackle should be the right word) this problem (SRC keep changing blog) for the future, we are now developing SRC website that using “” domain. This website under development. So plz be patient.

Next, regarding requesting additional computers etc.Haish, you all has to confirm with STAD first before you raise up this matter. We never request it!!For your information, SRC only have 1 computer and the others in the SRC’s room are belongs to respective SRC’s (committee members’) laptops and computers.

Regarding appointed candidate problems…plz refer to (GENERAL ELECTION) PROCEDURE 1997 in section qualification of candidates of SRC and also you have to refer to the announcement of qualification of appointed SRC which you can find in previous bulletin board. Sassi fulfill all the criteria and there is no problems arise regarding not respect the STAD. For your information he not involve in Industrial training throughout 3 sems here and he will be available all the sems.

About the student’s welfare (lift problems, library fees etc), we already aware that problems and already rise (RAISE) up this matters to the En. Zam. On top of that, this coming Thursday, 11th Sept 2008, we will have a meeting with respective head of divisions in MMU mainly to solve all of these problems. We will do our best to serve you all.

Reminder: We, SRC do not (SRC committees are not being) paid of what we are doing, so you all must have some manners in dealing with us. Plz do not breach the freedom of giving comments here. This service mends to the students who really have problems and not to the people who always want to bombarding people. Plz do not bombard any of SRC members here and also you are not allowed to use harsh words. If there are any unsatisfied with the SRC members or even with me…You all can construct (gosh, we cannot do construction work on you, consult) me personally, I’m welcoming you all. Be professional and don’t act like (not needed) childish.

Student (Students’) Representative Council
Multimedia University
Melaka Campus

  1. I was truly shocked when I first saw this posting in the Official Blog of Students’ Representative Council, MMU Melaka Campus 2008/2009.
  2. It is even much terrifying and embarrassing when the posting was undersigned by the Honorable President of SRC.
  3. Take note at the highlighted in red parts above. Please don’t say that I am picky on this. This is not a personal blog, this is definitely not a place to voice out personal feelings where no one cares about your terminology used, clarity of language and etc. This is such an official statement-like posting which ought to be proof-read a few times and free from any grammar mistakes.
  4. The posting is full with:
    • wrong spellings: coz, plz, relply, plz
    • wrong word.
    • even the official name is wrong. Gosh, can you say yourself as a President when you get the wrong spelling of Students’ Representative Council?
  5. Man are born imperfect, that is why we should recognize our own weakness and try to improve it. Rather than be arrogant, there are lots of better way to counter others’ attack. Jyh Herng told me that “a simple sentence like ‘Yes, my English is not that good, but I’m here to lead and make changes, I’m sorry if my level of English does not fit with yours‘ can easily solve the problem”. Always be humble.
  6. Quoted from jh, “Nobody’s perfect, he is trying to be perfect, so, it sucks to be him I guess. Even my English is not perfect.”
  7. There are a lot of ways to convey a same message, so the choice of language is very important. Rather than be provocative like
    • Reminder: We, SRC do not paid of what we are doing, so you all must have some manners in dealing with us. Plz do not breach the freedom of giving comments here.
      that sounds so terrible… Why not
    • “Since SRC responsibility is carried out on a voluntary basis, we will appreciate if you are able to provide constructive comments in order to improve us better.
  8. Actually I would not mind if the Mr. Hafiz posted the message in a proper and formal Malay and find others to translate it into English.
  9. Quality matters! If the President of SRC had set a bad example, posting a official statement full with mistakes and errors. I wonder how SRC going to enforce the rule like clubs and societies must post the bulletin in proper English?
  10. Learn public relation skills and show your professionalism! To me, SRC image had been seriously tarnished, this is not a personal matter anymore as the leader reflects the whole organization, or even representing all MMU Melaka students.
  11. The problem is not merely poor grasp of English but the arrogance, too protective of himself and unwillingness to accept others’ comments.
  12. Mr. Hafiz, this is not a personal attack but the comments are meant for the better good of MMU community. You don’t ask for respect, you must earn for it. People do not respect you just because of the title you are holding, but the personal qualities! Do some self-improvement and put some effort in SRC public relations / image building.
  13. If the bad attitude carries on, SRC will gradually lose the support of students, till the stage of “marahkan nyamuk, kelambu dibakar” (burn the mosquito net because of one mosquito). That will be miserable.


Shocking statement from SRC MMU Melaka

doiwl January 6th, 2008

What a shocking statement from SRC.
By bulletin on Sun, 6th January 2008

Expired date : 10-Jan-2008
For MMU campus: Melaka ~ Department: SRC
Category : Announcement/Memo/Circular


SRC :> Clarification Over The Hindraf Issue
Dear all,In relevance to the warning and advice that has been issued out recently by the Ministry of Higher Education on the involvement of the students in the Hindu Rights Action Force (HINDRAF) movement or issues, we from the SRC would like to issue a statement prohibiting students from being involved in this matter at all cost. Please bear in mind that any act of upholding the HINDRAF name in any manner(e.g attending illegal gathering,circulating anti-goverment text messages or email’s and etc.) is considered a serious offence and if found guilty by the university, the student shall face a heavy penalty. Therefore let us put aside any differences of perspective that we may have and strive towards the only goal of us being in this university which is to excel in terms of education and curricular activites. Education excellence shall always be the prime objective of an undergraduate as this will determine you fate in future. Thanking you in advance for your cooperation. Have a nice day. God bless.

“Actuality in Action, Integrity in Principle”
Secretarial Department,
Students’ Representative Council (SRC) 2007/08,
Multimedia University,
Melaka Campus.

I am definitely not in favour of HINDRAF, what is being pursue by hindraf hardly relates to me as well. BUT, the way SRC convey this message is definitely out of context!

It’s much better to have the management (e.g. one of its department – STAD) or others to release such statement rather than SRC doing it.

SRC can remind, can tegur, create awareness, or any other approaches stating on the consequences but definitely not by prohibiting (bolded above).

Self prohibition? how ironic… I can’t believe my eyes.

Students’ Representative Council or in Bahasa Malaysia, MPP = Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar…. definitely not MP Pentadbiran, not MP Kementerian and not MP Kerajaan. Can’t imagine if the senate or MMU top management came out with new policies which is against students’ welfare, how will SRC react?

Fight for it for the sake of all students?
Or just a clarification for MMU, with addition ”we’ve tried very best, the case had been closed and no one shall talk anymore but to accept the fact. If any student comment anymore on this, it will be against the MMU Regulations and serious penalty will befall on you”?

Hope that SRC secretarial department will understand the role of SRC and the use of appropriate tone in next statement.


On a side note, has prohibition become the Malaysian culture?